Cecelia is Here!!!

We welcomed our adorable Cecelia on May 27th.

A perfect little peanut at 5lbs 3oz and 18 1/2 inches long.


She decided to come a week before her eviction date, but is still considered full term.



I have to say that we feel like we hit the lottery. Not only because we had a girl after having twin boys, but also that we got to experience a high risk, intense twin pregnancy with preemies in a NICU and then a normal singleton pregnancy that went full term.

(well as normal as a pregnancy can be with two energetic toddlers)

IMG_0497 IMG_0445

The RigTwins are absolutely smitten with their little sister and love being big brothers. At the beginning of the pregnancy they were obsessed with that fact that mommy had a baby in her belly and kept trying to get me to eat random toys and binkys so that she could play with them. Hey, at least that shows they want to share!

IMG_0608 IMG_0516

It has truly been a blessing spending these early days bonding with Cecelia and is totally worth every hour of sleep we are not getting.


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2 Responses to Cecelia is Here!!!

  1. She is lovely. Congratulations!

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