California Boys

After the wedding we spent a wonderful week in California

Between Tracy and San Francisco, we checked out a few playgrounds

At Visa Vavo’s house, (Portuguese for great grandmother),

we were sure to eat all of our food,

help with the dishes,

get plenty of fresh air,

play nicely with the dog,

help with the gardening, enjoy the fishpond,

and most of all, we graciously accepted our kisses:)

In Berkley, we expertly played with our cousin’s toys

and ate some french fries that were fried in garlic oil – yum!

Last stop – San Jose! Where we found more toys, big toys!!

Discovered the piano,

Learned to play gently with our cousins big,

and small,

without forgetting to share!

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One Response to California Boys

  1. patricia cabral says:

    Great pics. Always enjoy seeing the boys in action. Looks like they had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

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