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Chubby Boys!

Just under two months old, and they’ve gained 5 pounds each since birth! They rarely let me catch them with their eyes open, then got so cozy that they were fast asleep a minute later. Advertisements

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Nice Day for a Walk

Their first walk was in the perfect place… Perfect for our future Mor-twin-cians!

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Rub-a-Dub Dub…

The boys love the tub! Joe Grey

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Personality Previews

Joseph will be well rounded when it comes to his taste in music. His right hand does the robot while the left is rock and roll. Greyson, apparently, is a vampire.

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Mother’s Day has Come and Gone

My boys and I on Mother’s Day, all snuggles and love. Next morning, no respect 🙂

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We are home

After a month in the NICU, just in time for our five year anniversary and Mother’s Day, our boys came home. No wires, no monitors, no more commuting to parenthood in Providence. Having children in the NICU is a very … Continue reading

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One Whole Month!!!

The boys are one month old today!! Do you see what is missing from their faces??? ~Joe~ ~Grey~

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