The boys started doing impressions this week.

Here’s Joe as Mr. Burns from the Simpsons:

Here’s Joe as Donald from Fat Albert:

Greyson is doing the “Skidamarink-a-dink” dance:

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3 Responses to Impressions

  1. Terry Richards says:

    OMG the boys are so beautiful. Pat & I are so happy for you both. You are so blessed to have this miracle in your lives. And they are also very lucky to be born to wonderful parents and an awesome loving family like yours. You are in our prayers and can’t wait to meet them.
    Terry & Pat

  2. Janice Thurston says:

    OH! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! little bundles from heaven. Love this blog, so glad you are sharing. What a glorious beginning to your next chapter. xox me and fuzz

  3. sheilah oceanluna says:

    OMG…That was so funny. I just had the best laugh at those photo’s of the boys impressions. Thanks! I’m so happy to hear they are doing so well. Love you all mucho grande!

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