So much love!!

We are so overwhelmed with appreciation for all the love and support we have received!

The activity on this site is blowing us away – 700 views since the twins arrived. It is an incredible thing that we are able to share this experience with all of you in such a detailed and personal way. We love you all.

We just wanted to clarify some features of the site for those who may not be familiar. At the top right of the page, just under the crayons is a link to our photo gallery. This is where you can view tons of pictures and videos that are updated almost daily. You can also subscribe to the gallery and receive updates whenever pictures are added by clicking on subscribe at the top right of the gallery page.

Secondly, we are eternally indebted to the Ronald McDonald House. We spent our first night there last night and though I’m a hormonal roller coaster already, I get choked up just thinking about what they provide. Staying in that house allows us to worry about absolutely nothing so that our sole focus can be on our babies.

After spending all day in the NICU with our boys, we got to the RM House to find a complete turkey dinner freshly prepared by students of Johnson and Wales University. We have a cute and comfy room equipped with everything we need, most importantly to me, a rocking chair and cooler for my breast milk.

Say what you will about the unhealthy food, but we will certainly be forever supporting the cause of the Ronald McDonald House.

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One Response to So much love!!

  1. Erin Massoud says:

    Loving this blog! Thinking of y’all and sending lots of good ju-ju! Love you all, Erin, Jon, and Penny

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