Our Story

For years, Jon and I have dreamed of becoming parents. Two days after my grandmother Mary C. Silva’s funeral, the term “Circle of Life” became more than just a term when we found out that I was pregnant. It is even estimated that the day the egg split into two was the day of her death.

The pregnancy was smooth for the most part, considering that a five foot tall shrimp with no torso was creating two babies. Through our excellent prenatal care and informative classes on having multiples, we knew that preterm labor was a matter of “when” and not “if”.

At week 28, I made it to my shower, the memories of which still overwhelm me from all of the love and generosity I felt that day. The following weekend everything changed. The stomach flu kicked off painful contractions and a shortened cervix, leaving me in the hospital on bedrest, where I received that best care of my life. For three weeks I took it easy and got through two bouts of preterm labor, which gave the boys the extra golden time in my womb to develop.

The third round of laboring lasted four days with a 2cm dilated cervix. On the fifth night, just as we reached 32 weeks gestation, I dilated to 5cm and the OR was booked. The c-section went very smooth and hearing our boys cry was the best sound we’ve ever heard.

The boys will be staying in the NICU for an estimated month or until they meet certain criteria: optimal weight, ability to regulate their temperature, breath on their own and ability to feed by mastering the art of sucking, swallowing and breathing.

They both were breathing on their own right from birth, but Joseph was laboring a little harder than Greyson, so he was put on a breathing tube. Just over twenty-four hours later, he was taken off of the breathing tube and I was finally allowed to hold them in my arms. I am still riding the bliss from that feeling. After everything I’ve been through, that one action solidified the fact that I am a mother.

Everything is looking very optimistic for our boys. They started being fed some of my breast milk through a tube. Everyday, Jon and I plan to show them love and watch them grow in anticipation of the day we can take them home.

Jon has exceeded all expectations of a true partner during this pregnancy, an experience that has renewed and strengthened every ounce of love that I already had for him and leaves me in awe of the incredible father that he has instantly become.

All roads have led us here.

We are happier than we have ever thought possible.

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4 Responses to Our Story

  1. Erin Massoud says:

    I am overjoyed for you, Amy. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing your double joy! ♥

  2. Tiger Mother says:

    Love to all of you. So wonderful!

  3. Edward Rigtrup, MD says:

    Amy and Jon, all I can say is that the joy and excitement that I feel for the both of you and the twins far exceeds any of my expectations. I sit here each day waiting to hear about the next little magic moment for you guys to share with us. A wonderful life experience you have created for yourselves and all around you. I love you both and cherish my grand children.

  4. Teresa Malatantis says:

    Heartfelt Congratulations Amy, to you and Jon on the safe arrival of your beautiful boys.
    I am so, so happy for all of you and you ‘Dear Sweet Amy’ deserve all the love and happiness that surrounds you.
    What a beautiful story and thank you for sharing.
    Miss you and cannot wait to see you and meet your bundles of joy!
    God Bless you all.
    Much love.
    Please thank your mom for me as she gave me the web address.

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